CARLOS JESUS is a 20-year-old political science major at Long Island University Brooklyn, and president of YPA. In 2016 he worked on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, as well as for Tim Canova in his bid to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz in South Florida.

Upon arrival at LIU, Carlos found himself on the front lines of political warfare within the higher educational system – and promptly began organizing a student-led protest against the university’s administration, which was in the midst of prosecuting a lockout of some 600 unionized professors appealing for equal pay with their counterparts at LIU-Post Long Island. If history was being forged in the country’s first-ever lockout of a higher education faculty, its ultimate defeat marked what may prove to be the historic launch of a promising young political career. Carlos went on to established YPA just four months later, founding the organization on a platform of empowering America’s youth to wield its significant political will in implementing the progressive agenda.

An engaging, highly articulate young leader who embraces nearly any chance to advocate for that agenda, Carlos has demonstrated he can walk the talk, having orchestrated a movement within LIU Brooklyn’s student government that recently swept his progressive bloc into broad power. Most importantly, Carlos is passionate about affecting change on a national level, and is fighting hard against policies of the Trump administration and its “conservative” bedfellows waging a socio-cultural assault from the right.

“I believe young people must take positions of power in order to save our society from its current destructive path, and to create transformational change in our country for a more just and equal society.”

Look forward to seeing YPA and its growing network of young progressives to be an essential part of that transformation.

Hal R. Myers
YPA Board Member

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LIU Brooklyn Protest
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PHOTO: © HRM Photography